coral coast caravan park

Wildlife in the Cervantes district

It can get fairly hot during summer in the Cervantes district - so much so that even the local kangaroos head down to the beach to enjoy a swim every now and then...

The Cervantes coastline boasts various sweeping bays with sandy beaches and pristine waters that are often a playground for dolphins and sea lions.

Visitors to the region normally get to see western grey kangaroos grazing, particularly early in the morning. These animals are quite tame and will let you come fairly close if you approach quietly.

pelican on coral coast

carpet snake on coral coast

Other common wildlife include emus, black cockatoos, bobtail lizards, Gould's monitors and harmless carpet python snakes.

Pictured top left is a pelican resting at Kangaroo Point, which is about 11 kilometres south of Cervantes by road.

Below left is a common carpet snake (morelia spilots) pictured at night on the road to the Pinnacles. Carpet snakes are a protected species and, don't worry, they might look a bit fearsome but they're not poisonous and they can't hurt you.

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