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The Pinnacles Caravan Park in Cervantes, Western Australia, boasts ideal beach-front holiday accommodation and camping for visitors to the Pinnacles rock formations (only a 15 minute drive away).

The township of Cervantes is located near the beaches of the Coral Coast, some 254 kilometres north of Perth and just two kilometres west of the entrance to Nambung National Park, home to the world-famous rocks of the Pinnacles.

Watch a video showing the fantastic holiday attractions of Cervantes, all convenient to Pinnacles Caravan Park.

Need more information? Watch this video or read The Herald Sun from February 2014 in which Pinnacles Caravan Park is described as "awesome". What did The Herald Sun think of our Seashells Cafe? "Quality, quantity and service are once again very impressive".

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Cervantes is a perfect holiday camping base to explore the natural beauties of Western Australia's Coral Coast and outlying national parks. Explore our website for information about the Cervantes district.

Holiday camping accommodation within Cervantes Pinnacles Caravan Park at Cervantes in WA is world-renowned because of its tranquil, picturesque setting and ideal location for travellers exploring the spectacular beaches that line the Coral Coast of Western Australia.

Move your mouse here to see an aerial photograph of our location. Unlike most other caravan parks, we have large drive-through sites with more than enough room for buses and five wheelers.

In 2013, Pinnacles Caravan Park was awarded the Australian Government's T-Qual accreditation that gives customers peace of mind that their expectations will be met.

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Cervantes is a windsurfing hotspot and recently hosted the annual Cervantes Speed 2011 where competitor speeds are tested by radar and local, national and international windsurfers match their skills in a marathon. Read about the event in Windsurfer International or sit back and watch a video of Cervantes Speed 2011! Many of the experienced competitors stay at Pinnacles Caravan Park in Cervantes.

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We welcome corporate customers who are working in the area and we can provide them with a full board if so desired.

Please travel through our website for further information about Pinnacles Caravan Park in Cervantes. Contact us and we can arrange a cabin, caravan or camp site booking before you begin your holidays or make the trip to Cervantes.

Our sunsets are spectacular!

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